China achieved a significant milestone by landing on this part of the moon and is now set to undertake a major initiative


China's Space Mission: Amid growing space rivalry with the US, China has landed its space mission Chang-E 6 on the far side of the moon. This mission will return with samples of the moon's surface. This mission can be called a major success for China.

China's Tiangong Space Station. (CMSE)Image Credit: CMSE

The race to reach the moon and know the secrets of its surface is getting faster among the countries of the world. America is at the forefront among the countries that have sent their mission to the far side of the moon, but China has also landed its Chang-E 6 on this part now. This mission has been designed to bring samples from the surface of the moon.

According to China's official news agency Xinhua, the landing module landed in a huge crater called the South Pole-Aitken Basin on Sunday morning. Earlier, Chang'e 5 was successful in bringing samples from the near side of the moon in 2020. Through this mission, China will bring soil and rock samples from the moon.

Preparing to leave America behind

This mission of China is a part of the Chang-E Moon Exploration Program. It is named after Chang, who is considered the goddess of the moon in China. This program of China is a part of the growing rivalry with America, which is number 1 in space. Along with this, China is also trying to get several steps ahead of other players in this field, India and Japan.

China has already established its space station in orbit and is constantly sending crews there. China is preparing to send a man to the moon before 2030. China will become the second country after America to do so.

America will send a man to the moon again

According to reports, America is planning to send a man to the moon again after 50 years. According to NASA, they will send a man to the moon again by 2026. However, this mission of China can be completed after 4 years in 2030.

The secrets of the moon will be revealed

China's Moon Chang'e 6 has landed on a surface about which we have very little information. Chang'e 6 will reveal many secrets of the moon's surface and will also return with surface samples. These samples will help in knowing the secrets of the moon.