Bad news for Vladimir Putin amid presidential elections, Iran's help in War may stop


President Vladimir Putin's problems have increased amid elections in Russia. Whereas Iran was helping Russia a lot in the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia by sending missiles, drones, and aerial bombs, now it seems that it is being stopped. Now the G7 group has warned Iran. The G7 group has given a message to Iran not to send missiles to Russia, if it does so then it will have to face strict consequences.

G7 countries warned Iran on Friday and said that if Iran sent close-range ballistic missiles to Russia, it would have to face punishment. In the two-year-long war between Russia and Ukraine, Iran is sending missiles to Russia. On which the anger of G7 countries has erupted. G7 countries said that if Iran does not stop its actions, then even Iranian air flights going to Europe will be banned.

The G7 countries warned Iran and the United States along with its G7 allies issued a statement saying that if Iran now sent missiles to Russia, it would have to face consequences. The G7 statement said that if Iran continues to provide ballistic missiles or related technology to Russia, then we are ready to respond to Iran. The United States is adopting an aggressive attitude towards Iran.

However, G7 has taken this step after the Reuters report which said that Tehran (capital of Iran) has sent a large number of powerful ballistic missiles to Russia for use in attacking Ukraine. Let us tell you, that the G7 group of major Western democracies is currently chaired by Italy and it also includes the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, and Canada.

Senior American official said, G7 will ban Iran's flights to Europe. Let us tell you, Iran Air takes passengers from Iran to many cities of Europe. G7 will ban this flight itself. However, the United States could not confirm whether the missile had already been sent to Russia, the official said. As Reuters reported, an attempt was made by Tehran to pursue talks with Moscow (the capital of Russia) on missiles.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in Vienna on Friday when asked about Iran sending missiles to Russia to attack Ukraine, that we have sent messages to Iran not to do so. Talking on Iran, the Foreign Minister said that it has been an issue of discussion between many countries of Europe and the United States. The G7 statement said that sending Iranian missiles to Russia would help Russia attack Ukraine.

UN SECURITY COUNCIL sanctions on Iran's export of certain missiles, drones and other technologies expired in October. However, the United States and the European Union maintained sanctions on Iran's arms exports to its proxies in the Middle East and Russia, as well as its ballistic missile program. Because the ballistic missiles being sent by Iran will be a powerful new weapon for Russia to use in the war in Ukraine. The United States has said that Iran has already sent drones, guided aerial bombs and artillery ammunition to Russia. Which Moscow used to attack Ukrainian targets.