Another Indian student dies in America, 10 deaths in 3 months


Atrocities against students of Indian origin in America are increasing day by day. From the beginning of this year till now, i.e. within about 3 months, about 10 students have died. Recently, the Indian Consulate in New York informed about the death of an Indian student in Cleveland, Ohio.

An Indian student has died in the US state of Ohio, although the cause of death cannot be ascertained yet, investigation is underway to find out the reason. The student has been identified as Shri Uma Satya Sai Gadde, who was living in Ohio for studies. The Indian Consulate in New York gave this information by posting on social media platform X on April 5.

The Indian Consulate in New York wrote in the post that it was deeply saddened by the unfortunate demise of Shri Uma Satya Sai Gadde, an Indian student in Cleveland, Ohio. A police investigation is going on in this matter. Constant contact is being maintained with the family of Shri Uma Gadde and all possible help is being provided to her body along with returning it to India as soon as possible.

Let us tell you that in the first month i.e. in March also there was news of the disappearance of an Indian student living in this area. The name of that student was Mohammad Abdul Arafat, who went missing quite mysteriously. Shortly after he went missing, a ransom call was received to release him. Apart from these cases, at the beginning of the year 2024, Syed Mazahir Ali, a student from Hyderabad, was brutally attacked in Chicago, due to which he was seriously injured. This situation is very worrying for Indian students.