Amidst tension in the Middle East, IAEA Chief arrives in Iran, nuclear program will be discussed


The Chief of the UN agency IAEA is on an Iran tour. Here he will attend Iran's Nuclear Science and Technology Conference. This program in Iran is taking place in Isfahan province. Isfahan city is called the nuclear capital of Iran.

IAEA Chief reached Iran

United Nations Atomic Watch-Dog Chief Rafael Grossi reached Iran on Monday amid increasing tension in the Middle East. During the visit, Rafael Grossi is expected to speak at a conference and meet Iranian officials for talks on Tehran's nuclear program. Recently the IAEA has been criticizing Iran for lack of transparency and cooperation in its nuclear program.

According to reports, Grossi has reached Iran with the IAEA delegation for talks on nuclear conferences and programs. Here he will meet Iran's top nuclear officials and leaders. After reaching Iran on Monday, Grossi met Iran's Foreign Minister Amir Abdullahian. Apart from this, Grossi will also meet Mohammad Islami, Chief of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization.

Signs to increase trust and transparency

After meeting Iran's Foreign Minister, Grossi wrote on Twitter, "In the meeting with Foreign Minister Amir Abdullahian, there was discussion on increasing trust and transparency." Grossi is expected to deliver a speech at Iran's first international conference on nuclear science and technology, which began on Monday.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the Nuclear Science and Technology Conference, Chief Islami also expressed hope for cooperation with the IAEA. Islami said that by putting forward the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we hope that the agency will play its role as an independent international organization free from political pressures.

A conference where Israel attacked

This program related to Iran's Nuclear Science and Technology is taking place in Isfahan province. Isfahan city is called the nuclear capital of Iran. It was here that Israel had claimed that it had retaliated to Iran's attack on Isfahan. The IAEA and Iranian officials have reported no damage to nuclear facilities following the alleged attack on Isfahan.

Islami said he is confident that these meetings will help in removing the ambiguities with the agency and we will be able to strengthen our relations with the agency.

What is IAEA?

IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) keeps an eye on the nuclear programs running in countries around the world. The job of this agency is to prevent the peaceful use of nuclear power by countries and its misuse. Iran has been maintaining a distance from the IAEA for the last few years.

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