America's Treasury Chief's signal, if there is a default in repaying the loan, there will be an economic crisis worldwide


By the way, America is a superpower and at the same time, it has no shortage of any kind. But financial crisis can come on anyone. Similar indications are being received for America as well. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that the US government's default in repaying the $31.46 trillion debt could lead to a worldwide economic crisis.

According to media reports, the US Treasury Chief has appealed to Congress to increase the federal debt limit of $31.4 trillion and avoid a default. It is being told that Yellen said that if this could not happen, there would be economic recession all over the world.

Yellen reportedly held a press conference ahead of a meeting in Japan with the G-7 as well as the finance ministers of India, Indonesia, and Brazil. During this, he issued stern warnings. He said it would trigger a global recession that would push America further back. 

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