American leaders fighting among themselves for these 3 countries, a matter of billions of dollars


An aid package of $95 billion has been passed in the US Senate to help Ukraine, Russia, and Taiwan. There was a debate going on in America regarding the bill for several months. Ultimately this proposal for help was passed. However, leaders of the ruling party and the opposition voted both in support and against it.

joe biden

After several months of delay, a $95 billion package to aid Ukraine, Russia, and Taiwan has been passed in the US Senate. There have been months of conflict between both sides on Capitol Hill over this proposal. Some MPs had raised objections about the aid given to Ukraine. But on Tuesday this proposal was passed with majority votes. In the US Upper House on April 23, 15 Republicans and 3 Democrats voted against the bill, while 48 Democrats and 31 Republicans voted in favor of the bill. After which this bill was passed 79-18.

After the bill was passed, Senate leader Chuck Schumer shouted, “Finally, finally, finally the bill has passed. “Tonight, Vladimir Putin may regret the day he questioned American resolve.”

Ukraine got the biggest package

This entire package is worth 95 billion dollars. The largest share in this has been given to Ukraine, out of this package, 61 billion dollars will be given to Ukraine. Ukraine, which is suffering the brunt of the war, will start receiving this help within a few days. Apart from this, an aid of 26 billion dollars has been given to Israel, of which about 9 billion dollars will be given to provide humanitarian aid in Gaza. Also, $8 billion will be given to the Indo-Pacific region.

Biden responded

Biden has praised this bill after its passing. Biden said, “This bill is special and will make America and the world safer than before. We are doing this to help our friends who are fighting terrorists like Hamas and dictators like Putin. Let us tell you that Joe Biden will sign this bill on Wednesday, after which this package will get the green signal to go to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.