America started taking steps with the help of Israel… alarm bells for Biden!


Concerns are increasing about the deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Israel's friend America is also repeatedly urging to take care of the safety of citizens. According to an Israeli official, the Biden administration has started reducing military aid to Israel. Let us tell you that questions have started being raised on the credibility of the Biden administration which is failing in getting the ceasefire implemented. Pressure from human rights organizations is believed to be behind the reduction in military aid to Israel. After the news of a decline in military aid, America-based Zionist organizations have also started to surround Biden. In the election environment, this issue has also started becoming against Biden.

There is an electoral atmosphere in America and Israel has full influence in the elections here. Donald Trump is also not leaving any chance to attack his rival Biden on this pretext. Recently, speaking on Biden's changed stance on Israel, Trump said, "Biden has left Israel in the middle, this is what he does, he left Israel." However, Trump appealed to Netanyahu to stop the war as soon as possible and make peace.

Decrease in aid given to Israel

Israeli officials claimed that the military aid coming from America has decreased. This claim has been denied by American officials, due to which it is believed that relations between the two allies are becoming increasingly tense. Earlier, Senate Jewish leader Chuck Schumer had said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lost his way and should seek re-election.

Biden's troubles have increased amid the Gaza war. Elections are near in the country and the Biden administration is under pressure from both sides. Where human rights organizations around the world and many civil societies in America are against providing military aid to Israel. And their credibility is being questioned for not being able to put pressure on Israel for a ceasefire. But the Zionist lobby is also very strong in America and has a good influence on the people and government here. This lobby is also angry with America's changed stand against Israel before the elections. Now Biden will have to decide how he will bring both sides together before the elections.