America sidelined and attacked Rafa, Israel had to pay the price


Israel Rafa Attack: Israel, not listening to America, has attacked Rafa, considered the last stronghold of Hamas. After this step, America stopped military aid to Israel. America is constantly telling Israel not to attack Rafah.

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Despite America's warning, Israel attacked Rafah on Tuesday. After this action, Israel has acquired enmity with its special friend America. America has stopped military aid to Israel. America has taken this decision to stop Israel from attacking Rafah.

Speaking to Al Arabiya media outlet, a US official said that arms exports to Israel have been stopped after US concerns were ignored in Rafah.

Before starting the action in Rafah, one lakh Palestinians were ordered by the Israeli army to flee from Rafah. It is being told that more than 17 lakh Palestinians are in Rafah, out of which about 14 lakh are those who have come to Rafah from Northern Gaza to save their lives.

America protested

Since Israel's threat to attack Rafah in recent weeks, the US has publicly and privately opposed such an operation. America has been saying from the beginning that before any operation in Rafah, a special plan is needed for the safety of civilians.

A senior Biden administration official told Al Arabiya on Tuesday that US and Israeli officials are discussing ways to meet the humanitarian needs of civilians in Rafah. Apart from this, they are looking for ways to take action against Hamas in a different way in Rafah compared to other places in Gaza. Thousands of civilians have already been killed in northern Gaza. US officials have called on Israeli officials to precisely target Hamas positions so that civilians are not harmed.

Citizens at risk of starvation

After capturing Rafa, the Israeli army isolated the entire Gaza from the outside world. However, talks are continuing with Hamas for a ceasefire and the release of hostages. After this attack by Israel, many countries and organizations around the world have urged Israel to stop the operation.

The United Nations has expressed concern that the closure of Egypt's Rafah and Kerem Shalom, the other main crossing from Israel into Gaza, could lead to a sharp decline in aid to the Palestinians. Let us tell you that Northern Gaza is already on the verge of starvation.