America or Iran… where did Hezbollah get the power to attack Israel?


Hezbollah has threatened Israel that if a ceasefire is not implemented in Gaza, it will fight a direct war with Israel. Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu has also clearly said that if Hezbollah does not retreat, it will not be spared.

Hezbollah fightersImage Credit: AFP

Hezbollah can attack Israel anytime. For this, this Lebanese terrorist organization has started preparations on a large scale. It is being told that Hezbollah is preparing Lebanon's Beirut Airport as a weapons depot. On the other hand, the intelligence report submitted by America is even more shocking. It has been told that if Hezbollah and Israel come face to face, then Iran will also enter the war.

Hezbollah has threatened Israel that if a ceasefire is not observed in Gaza, it will fight a direct war with Israel. This warning has been given by the organization's chief Hassan Narsallah himself. It has also been said that Hezbollah has new weapons and intelligence capabilities that can teach Israel a lesson. Since then, questions have been raised that how did Hezbollah, which has been attacking Israel stealthily till now, get the strength to directly enter the war. It is believed that both America and Iran can be the reason for this.

Where is Hezbollah getting its strength from?

Israel is ready for war on many fronts by selectively killing Hamas terrorists. PM Netanyahu himself has announced this. Hezbollah is also aware of Israel's power, in such a situation, the threat shows that the terrorist organization is getting help from Iran. US military officer Cape Verde confirms this. He has clearly said that Iran will definitely respond in defense of the Hezbollah group from the Israeli military attack in Lebanon. Apart from this, Air Force General Charles Q Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of America, has also said that Iran would be more willing to support Hezbollah than support Hamas in Gaza. Especially when he felt that Hezbollah was in danger.

America is also the reason

If Hezbollah attacks Israel, it is difficult to say whether America will be able to help fully. In fact, just a day earlier, Benjamin Netanyahu had claimed that America is stopping the shipment of weapons for Israel's war efforts in Gaza. Apart from this, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of America, Q. Brown, has also said that if Hezbollah attacks Israel, then America will not be able to help as effectively as it did during the missile and drone attacks by Iran. According to a report in the Israel Times, he has said that it will be difficult to stop the short-range rockets fired by Hezbollah from across the border. It is believed that Hezbollah also knows this weakness of America. In such a situation, it can attack Israel strongly, so that it can prove its power in the Middle East.

The biggest proof of help from Iran

The information provided by Israeli informants in Lebanon shows that Iran is fully prepared to help Hezbollah. This report also states that the process of arms arriving from Iran to Lebanon has already begun. These weapons are being collected at the Rafiq Hariri International Airport in Beirut. These include ballistic missiles, artillery rockets, anti-tank laser missiles. Apart from this, a large quantity of RDX has also been collected. The Lebanese minister has called these reports ridiculous, but an airport employee told the British daily The Telegraph that these weapons are arriving in mysterious boxes in the flights coming from Iran.

Israel has killed many Hezbollah terrorists

Israel has so far caused a lot of damage to Hezbollah in the clashes with it. Hezbollah itself has announced the names of about 350 terrorists who have been killed by the IDF. Apart from this, many terrorists have also been killed in Syria and Lebanon. On the other hand, Israel has warned that if Hezbollah does not retreat from the border, it will leave no stone unturned to destroy it like Hamas.