America and Britain attacked Houthis on the first day of Ramadan, 11 killed in airstrike!


America and Britain have taken major action against the Houthis who are continuously targeting cargo ships in the Red Sea. On Monday, US-British coalition forces carried out airstrikes on ports and small towns in western Yemen, killing 11 people and injuring 14. According to Houthi media outlet Al Masirah, the US-British coalition has carried out about 17 airstrikes in Yemen, including the city of Hodeidah and the port of Ras Issa.

This attack happened just a few days after the death of 3 civilians and the sinking of the ship in the Houthi attack. This was the first attack in which 3 civilians were killed since the Houthis started carrying out attacks on the Red Sea in protest against the Gaza attacks. Even after the operation by America and Britain, Houthis are continuing their attacks and it is difficult to say whether such air strikes will be successful in stopping Houthis or not.

According to a statement given by a Houthi spokesperson on Yemeni television on Tuesday morning, the American ship (Pinocchio) was targeted with missiles in the Red Sea. According to the IMO, Pinocchio is a Liberia-flagged container ship owned by Singapore-registered company Om-March 5 Inc.