After the visit of India's Foreign Minister, this country threatened China


The decades-old dispute between the Philippines and China over the South China Sea is deepening. There have been minor skirmishes between Philippine ships and China's coast guard in the South China Sea. After this, a war of words broke out between the two countries and there has been tension in the relations between the two countries. 

China, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei lay claim to this resource-rich and busy waterway. During his recent visit to the Philippines, S. Jaishankar said that India is with the Philippines in the South China Sea dispute. Following the attack by the Chinese coast guard, the Philippine President said on Thursday that his government will take action against dangerous attacks by the Chinese coast guard and suspected militia vessels in the disputed South China Sea. He further wrote, “Filipinos do not bow down.”

President Ferdinand Marcos has not specified actions the government will take in the coming weeks. But stressed that we will take action against our enemies in the coming weeks.

After the clashes between the Filipino people and the Chinese coast guard, Marcos wrote on Twitter, “These attacks by the agents of the Chinese coast guard and the Chinese maritime militia are completely wrong. We will give a strong response to these dangerous attacks.” He further said that we do not want any conflict with any country, especially those countries that claim to be our friends, but we will not remain silent or submissive. The Filipinos will not bow down.”

Threat gave after jaishankar's visit

Let us tell you that Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had recently gone on a Philippine tour. This threat is also being linked to Jaishankar's visit. This statement of President Ferdinand Marcos came after the visit. India is also having a similar dispute with China on the LAC like the Philippines, where Chinese soldiers keep intruding.

China responded

China's Defense Ministry has accused the Philippines of escalating South China Sea disputes by taking provocative steps and spreading misinformation to mislead the international community.