After Mosavi, Jahadi will keep watching or will Iran take revenge on Israel?


About 8 people have died in the air attack on Iran's embassy in Syria. According to Syrian officer Rami Abdel Rahman, all of them were fighters. No civilian has lost his life. According to reports, two top commanders of Iran, Mohammad Reza Zahedi and Mohammad Hadi Hazriyahi, have been killed in this attack. Mohammad Raza was serving in the army for many years. Both commanders have carried out many operations for Iran. Earlier, IRGC commander Qasim Sulemani was also killed in the American attack.

Iran has strongly condemned this attack and warned Israel to face its consequences. According to reports, the commanders killed in these attacks were part of several missions in Iran.

Mohammad Reza Zohedi was the top commander of the Iranian Army. He was the Quds Force chief in Iraq-Syria till 2015. He is an expert in non-traditional warfare. Was a mid-ranking commander in the Iran-Iraq war. He joined IRGC after the revolution in 1979. He has also been a mid-ranking commander in the Iran-Iraq war. Iran has announced revenge for the death of both of them. Now it remains to be seen when Iran will retaliate against Israel.

Tension between Israel and Iran reached its peak in December last year. Israel had assassinated Iran's commander Syed Razi Mosavi in ​​Syria, after which there was an uproar throughout Iran. Iran's Foreign Minister had announced the destruction of Israel. Israel had tried many times before to kill Mosavi because Mosavi was behind the creation of Hezbollah, which is threatening Israel today. Mossad had been searching for Mossavi for a long time.

Earlier, Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps chief Qasim Sulemani was also killed in the US attack. Even after this, Israel had talked about taking similar revenge, but Iran has not been successful in taking revenge yet. Soleimani led the Al-Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, the same force which has been declared a terrorist organization by the US. However, Israel-backed groups have been targeting Israel in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq. But in front of the Israel Defense Force, very few of these attacks have been able to achieve their goal.