Action on demonstration of Palestine supporters in America's colleges, 2300 people arrested


In recent days, police have arrested more than 2300 people during pro-Palestine demonstrations on various college campuses in America. The tents set up in the premises and the buildings occupied by the protesters have been vacated.

An officer even opened fire to disperse protesters gathered inside the administration building of Columbia University. No one was injured in the officer-involved shooting late Tuesday night inside Hamilton Hall on the Columbia campus, according to Doug Cohen, a spokesman for District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office.

Cohen said Thursday that the shot was not aimed at anyone and that other officers were present at the time but no students were present nearby. He said Bragg's office is reviewing the incident.

More than 100 people were arrested in a crackdown in Colombia amid recent campus demonstrations over the Israel-Hamas war. The data found that since April 18, there have been at least 50 incidents of arrest in 40 colleges and universities in America.

Police ordered pro-Palestinian protesters to leave tents set up at New York University on Friday morning. According to university spokesman John Beckman, about a dozen protesters were arrested for refusing to obey police orders, while about 30 others left of their own volition. The spokesperson said that on April 22, a large camp was demolished and more than 130 protesters were arrested.