A Muslim girl's 'ideas' created a ruckus in America's top university, changed the 'tradition'


A top American university has barred a Muslim student from giving a speech during the graduation ceremony. The university organized the event without speeches whereas this was not the case earlier. The reason for this decision of the university administration is said to be the Muslim students being vocal about the Israel-Hamas war.

The University of Southern California has canceled its annual graduation speech this year.

America's University of Southern California has canceled the graduation speech held every year this year. The reason behind canceling the speech is said to be the Israel-Hamas dispute. There has been a dispute regarding this among some students of the university on social media. The Los Angeles school said Asna Tabassum, a fourth-year student from Chino Hills, California, was selected as graduation valedictorian. However, some students and alumni had objected to this.

As valedictorian, Asna Tabassum had to give a speech in front of about 65 thousand people along with two salutatorians. But at the last moment, a notice was issued by the university saying that this year's event would be completed without the graduation speech.

Why was the speech canceled?

University Provost Drew Guzman has announced that the ceremony on May 10 will take place without a speech. In the statement, Guzman said that there has been controversy for several days regarding the selection for giving the speech, which has taken a worrying form. Let us tell you that Asna Tabassum has been openly supporting Palestine in the Hamas-Gaza dispute. Many Israel supporters had objected to his social media post, after which this decision has been taken.

What did the Muslim student say?

After being stopped from giving the speech, Tabassum said, “I am extremely disappointed with this decision that the university is having to succumb to Islamophobia. The purpose of the anti-Palestine campaign is to silence my voice.” According to the Guardian report, there is a link on Tabassum's Instagram account, which leads to a pro-Palestine page. Where the demand for a Palestinian state and freedom from Israeli occupation are written.

Who is Asna Tabassum?

Asna Tabassum is a Muslim student of biomedical engineering at the University of Southern California. She originally belongs to South Asia and is an American citizen. According to a report by NBC News, he is from Chino Hills, Los Angeles city.