Your soul will also be shaken after hearing about the condition of North Korean women officers!


North Korea is famous all over the world for its monarchy. But do you know that apart from making nuclear weapons, there is another dark side to it? That is, any woman officer can be raped here at any time.


Women and their rape… These two things are very common (which should not happen) and can be seen anywhere. You will not find any country in this world where no woman is raped.

Yes, but there is a country where every girl and woman has been raped.

We are talking about North Korea which is famous for its monarchy and eccentric decision-making king all over the world. You must have heard the discussion about making nuclear weapons till now. But it also has another dark side. Every girl is raped here and these girls are raped by the king himself.

Torture is done physically and mentally

The condition of women here is much worse. Here women are physically and mentally tortured. Here such things are done with them, seeing that even the devil will be ashamed. The luck of the women living in this country is so bad that they cannot even run away from here because this country is cut off around the world. But out of these, a woman named Mi Hyang managed to escape from here and she fled first to South Korea and then to China. While giving an interview to a media channel, she told about the cruelty done to her and other women in North Korea.

Pleasure squad is made in the country

North Korea is a country where women are seen as sex slaves and are raped by the country's dictator Kim Jong himself. Kim Jong has made such a squad for his Pleasure in which 2000 girls are present at all times and Kim can call any of them at any time.

The most surprising thing is that if he gets bored with a girl, he hands her over to the army officers. Where all the officers of the army make relations with her whenever they want. Mihyang herself has also been a victim of this. She was in the women's military of North Korea when she was raped several times by military commanders.

North Korean women are afraid of turning 13

The girls of this country are afraid of turning 13. Actually, according to the law of North Korea, relations with girls of age 13 years and older can be made. That's why every girl studying in school is afraid of turning 13. The 13-year-old schoolgirls who are beautiful and sing well are selected for King Kim's Pleasure Squad. Many times, King Kim himself reaches the school and chooses these girls. Girls are selected on the basis of their beauty and melodious voice.

Escape gets worse punishment than hell

Girls who run away from here are punished very harshly. When Mi-Hyang was 17 years old, she joined the military to raise two times bread for her family. But they were not treated well there. While giving an interview to a media channel, she said, there I used to be raped every day and no one was punished for rape. Because rape is not considered a crime in North Korea. Here women are seen as sex objects. A man can have a relationship with anyone there whenever he wants.


It is almost impossible to escape from here because this country is cut off from the whole world. If anyone tries to escape here, he is given such harsh punishment that your soul will tremble knowingly. Mihyang managed to escape from here but not everyone's luck is like this. That's why women here have to do as they are asked to do.

North Korean women whose periods are stopped!

In order to stop the periods of the women living in the pleasure squad, they are fed spoiled food for several days. They are asked to use the same pad multiple times when they have periods. Sometimes women die due to ill health or infection and sometimes their periods stop. This is done to prevent women from getting pregnant so that they can be easily raped again and again.