US President Joe Biden is corona positive, infected even after taking both doses of the vaccine!


US President Joe Biden has been found to be Corona positive. White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre gave this information on Thursday. Let us inform you that Biden has got corona after taking both doses of the vaccine. Before Biden, many White House officials, including Vice President Kamala Harris, have been infected with the coronavirus.

According to the White House press secretary, Biden has very mild symptoms of corona and has started taking the antiviral drug Paxlovid, manufactured to reduce the severity of the disease. The press secretary said that Biden will remain in isolation at the White House and from there he will continue to do his work. Karin Jean-Pierre said that Biden is in constant contact with members of the White House and will participate in all meetings via video conferencing.


Biden has taken both doses of the vaccine

It is worth noting that Biden had received both doses of the Pfizer Company's anti-Kovid-19 vaccine even before taking office as the President of the United States. After this, Biden took the first booster dose in September 2021 and an additional dose of vaccine in March 2022. It is being seen as a new challenge to efforts to normalize life in the US after a gap of nearly two and a half years due to the day-to-day changing variants of the coronavirus.

1,13,588 new cases of corona in America on Wednesday


Let us inform you that according to the data of Worldometer, on Wednesday, 1,13,588 new cases of the corona were reported in America. At the same time, 367 people died. The total number of infected in the country is 91,767,460. At the same time, 1,050,702 people have died in the country so far due to the corona epidemic. At the same time, 86,973,438 people have defeated this epidemic.