Sri Lanka economic crisis: Government treasury empty and inflation at new record level, you will be shocked to see the figures


Sri Lanka is facing the biggest economic crisis in its history and it is getting worse with each passing day. On the one hand, the government treasury of the country has become empty, on the other hand, the countrymen have been hit by inflation in such a way that they are fascinated by food and drink. Inflation figures were released in the country on Friday. Accordingly, the National Consumer Price Index (NCPI) reached a new record level. Inflation is reaching a new record every month for six consecutive months.


Inflation at a peak of 21.5%
Significantly, the situation in the country is deteriorating continuously and the government has urged the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to provide immediate help to control the situation. Meanwhile, if we look at the data released by the government, inflation in the country has reached a new high of 21.5 percent in March. Let us inform here that it was at 5.1 percent in the same period a year ago. According to these figures released by the country's Census and Statistics Department, food inflation in Sri Lanka has been hit hard and it has reached 29.5 percent in March.

Fuel price fire
These days Sri Lanka has been troubled by the highest inflation rate in Asia. Due to almost exhausted foreign exchange reserves, the country is not able to import essential things. Talking about the current situation, petrol pumps in the country are dry and where there is little oil, there are long lines. Army is also deployed to control it. If we look at the inflation data on fuel in March, then the oil companies have increased the price of diesel, the most used in transportation, by a whopping 64.2%.

Anger against the president
The situation in Sri Lanka, which is facing inflation, has become so bad that people are continuously protesting. One person has also died in the clash between these protesters and the police. Apart from this, the report said that eight people waiting in line for fuel have died in the last six weeks. Every day more than ten hours of power cuts are being done in the country. At the same time, the government has raised its hands in repaying the huge debt of $ 51 billion (Rs 3 lakh 82 thousand crore) in the past. Meanwhile, India is extending all possible help to Sri Lanka as a neighbor. In this sequence, India has extended the currency swap facility of $ 400 million further.


Photo Credit: The Indian Express

Many Sri Lankan citizens reached India
18 more Sri Lankan nationals facing severe economic crisis arrived in India on Friday. These helpless families, who reached Dhanushkodi in the district in the early hours, have been accommodated in the Mandapam refugee camp. Citizens of Sri Lanka who arrived in India looked dismayed at the serious crisis crippling the country's economy and told that they were unable to even afford milk powder there. He also accused the government of adopting a neutral attitude towards the citizens. Children were also included in these 18 people. These people came to India in two batches through two boats. After this these people were taken to Arichalmunai.