'Russia-Ukraine War Will Cause Third World War', Warns Donald Trump


Former US President Donald Trump has called World War 3 the end of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. He said that Ukraine's conflict could lead to the next world war, but if he had been in power, the world would never have faced such a situation. Trump warned that the Ukraine war could now turn into a third world war. 

This statement of the former US President comes after the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he said that if there is any kind of threat to the territorial integrity of Russia, then in such a situation Moscow will do everything necessary to protect itself. 

Writing on his social media platform 'Truth Social', Donald Trump said that the military attack by Russia on Ukraine in February should never have happened. Trump claimed that there would never have been animosity between Russia and Ukraine if he had been in the US government now.

 He said that as I have been saying for a long time that there could be World War 3. Significantly, this is not the first time that Trump has issued an alert regarding the Ukraine conflict. In June too, he criticized President Joe Biden in the US government and questioned his strategy to deal with the war. He said at that time that given what is happening in Ukraine and Russia, we are in grave danger. The way they are handling the situation, they are heading toward world war.

At the same time, the referendum began on Friday in the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia. This referendum will decide whether these areas will become an integral part of Russia or not. This referendum is being in a way on the behest of Russia and Ukraine and Western countries have condemned it in the past, calling it "blank rhetoric". It is being seen as a step towards the annexation of the region by Russia. Voting is being held in Luhansk, partly Russian-held Zaporizhzhya and Donetsk region. At the same time, voting in Kherson is also expected to start on Friday morning. Russia also has complete control over this area.

This vote is being held to determine whether people want these regions to be included in Russia and it is believed that the result will be in Russia's favor. This would give Russia an opportunity to claim that Ukrainian forces' attempts to retake the territories are in fact attacks on Russia. 

Ahead of the referendum, Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced a partial deployment of 300,000 'reservest' (reserved soldiers).