Pakistan Crisis: Even Saudi Arabia will not help Pakistan, put this condition in front


Pakistan is currently troubled by its economic condition and at this time it is looking for more help from all the countries of the world. But Pakistan's relations are not good anywhere in the world, so no one is ready to help them. He had hope from Saudi, so he is not getting any help from there also.

The visit of Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Army Chief Asim Munir has also suffered a major setback. Saudi Arabia has indicated that it will not provide unconditional economic assistance to its allies in the future. Since then, even more trouble has arisen for Pakistan. 

According to the information, Saudi Arabia itself said that it is working on a big plan to strengthen its economy. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia's Finance Minister said that his country is now changing the policy of giving direct financial aid as before. Apart from this, money will not be given unconditionally in any other country.