Nepal Plane Crash: Wreckage of missing Nepali plane found, 22 including four Indians were on board, many dead bodies difficult to identify

Wreckage of missing Tara Airlines plane found in Mustang district - Photo: ANI


A small plane belonging to Nepal's airline Tara Air went missing on Sunday morning. The possible location of the aircraft has been traced by tracking the pilot's phone. Four Indian nationals were also on board the plane.

Wreckage of missing Tara Airlines plane seen in Mustang district


Amid bad weather, the Nepal Army on Monday morning discovered the wreckage of the missing aircraft at Sanosware in Mustang district. An army helicopter has reached the spot where a small plane of the local Tara airline crashed. A total of 22 people, including four Indian nationals, were on board the plane. The Twin Otter 9N-AET aircraft of Nepal's 'Tara Air' took off from Pokhara at 09.55 am.

A team led by Nepal Police Inspector Raj Kumar Tamang has reached the spot. Tamang said that it is difficult to identify some of the dead bodies. The Nepalese army on Monday morning found the place where the plane crashed. An army spokesman said in a tweet that relief and rescue teams have located the crash site of the plane. A 9 NAET double engined aircraft of Tara Air had crashed in Kowang village of Mustang district, hours after it went missing in Pahari district on Sunday.

Airport officials said the two-engined aircraft from Pokhara to Jomsom lost contact at 9.55 am on Sunday after it reached the Lete area of ​​Mustang. District Police Office DSP Ram Kumar Dani told ANI that the local people of Titi called us and told us that an unusual sound was heard as if there was an explosion.

Lamche crashed on the riverbank

  • According to the information given by the local people to the Nepal Army, this Tara Air plane crashed near the Lamche river. Army spokesman Narayan Silwal said that the search operation has been resumed after being stopped due to snowfall yesterday. All helicopters engaged in the search for the plane were called back due to snowfall in the Mustang district on Sunday.

The pilot tracked the captain's phone

  • The special thing is that the location of the aircraft has been traced by tracking the phone of the pilot of the aircraft. Nepal Telecom had tracked the phone of pilot Captain Prabhakar Ghimire through the Global Positioning System (GPS) network.


Four Indians were on the plane

  • Sudarshan Bartula, a spokesman for the airline, said four Indians, two Germans, and 13 Nepalese nationals were on board the missing plane. Apart from these, three Nepalese crew members were also on the plane. The four Indian nationals have been identified as Ashok Kumar Tripathi, Dhanush Tripathi, Ritika Tripathi, and Vaibhavi Tripathi. This plane was to reach Jomsom airport at 10.15 am.