Kim Jong Un's love story is no less than a mystery, you will also be surprised to know!


North Korea's brutal dictator Kim Jong, whose story of cruelty is famous all over the world. Due to his strange antics, he constantly keeps on collecting media headlines.


The terror of Kim Jong's cruelty is so much that America, the most powerful country along with the world's small and big countries, has started panicking.

The whole world of Kim Jong is mysterious, no one knows what he will do and when. Like this mysterious world of his, Kim Jong's love story and marriage are also no less than a mystery.

Kim Jong's love story and marriage are also a mystery

Kim Jong's secrets also include his wife Ri Sol Joo, about whom very few people know. Because no one knows the secret of when and how Kim was married.

It is said that in the year 2012, Kim Jong suddenly appeared with a beautiful woman. A few days later, it was announced that the woman who was seen with Kim Jong is Kim's wife Ri Sol Joo.

According to reports, Kim was married in the year 2009 by her father and in 2010, Kim's wife also gave birth to a child. Although how much truth is there in this matter, it has not been officially confirmed.

Information not available about Ri


In the media of North Korea, very little news is read about Ri. But very little information is available about Ri in foreign media, according which Ri was born between 1985 and 1989.

According to reports, Ri's mother is a doctor and her father is a professor. Ri attended college in Pyongyang and studied music in China.

Ri is said to have been a singer in an orchestra and had come to North Korea at the 2005 Asian Athletes Championship, she was also one of the 90 cheerleaders who came during the Games.

However, there are also reports that an attempt was made to erase the records of Ri's past so that no one can come to know about the secrets related to her life.

It is said that Kim and Ri first met in North Korea. According to reports, Kim's safe had told that after the first meeting, Kim had said about Ri that she is very beautiful and her voice is very sweet.