Filmmaker Vinod Kapri shared the video and asked this question to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


UK PM Boris Johnson is currently on a two-day visit to India. On the first day of his visit to India, Baris Johnson visited Gujarat. Slums located on both sides of the streets of Gujarat were covered with white sheets for the visit of British PM Boris Johnson. 

Filmmaker Vinod Kapri has questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi through social media regarding this. Vinod Kapri has shared a video of this on his Twitter handle. 

In this, filmmaker Vinod Kapri has written that for 12 years you were the Chief Minister of Gujarat, for 8 years you have been the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi.

Still what is left that you are ashamed to show Boris Johnson? Users have given their feedback on this tweet of Vinod Kapri. Vinod Kapri keeps giving his reactions on various matters through social media.