Covid: 19 China: Estimated death of 36 thousand people daily in China due to Corona, but the government is not ready to accept


The outcry of Corona has spread in China in such a way that thousands of people are dying there. Death of thousands is not like that in one month in two months, now the situation is such that thousands of people are dying in a single day. The condition of the hospitals is such that people have to live on the streets for treatment there. 

Information is now coming to the fore that 36,000 people are dying every day in China due to Coronavirus. Experts have said that the country is currently in the middle of devastation after the zero covid policy was scrapped. Every day crores of corona cases are coming into China. 

At the same time, regarding the increasing number of deaths, China is not ready to accept that their deaths are due to Corona. Now, these news are also coming in front that in view of increasing cases, people are leaving their homes and going to other countries. People have to wait in crematoriums for the last rites of their relatives.