Biden reversed Trump's decision and gave such a big help to PAK for the maintenance of the F-16


US President Joe Biden, overturning former President Donald Trump's decision, has approved $450 million in financial assistance to Pakistan to maintain a fleet of F-16 fighter jets. This financial help is being given to Pakistan so that it can deal with anti-terror threats in the present and future. This is the biggest security aid being given to Islamabad in the last four years.

In a notification to the US Parliament, the State Department said it has decided to approve a possible Foreign Military Sale (FMS) to Pakistan for maintenance of F-16 fighter jets. The ministry argued that this would help Islamabad maintain its ability to deal with current and future threats of terrorism.

A State Department spokesperson said, "The US government has notified Congress of a proposed foreign military sale to maintain the Pakistan Air Force's F-16 program." Pakistan is an important counter-terrorist ally.

The f-16 fleet will help Pakistan in counter-terrorism operations

"Pakistan's F-16 program is an important part of the larger US-Pakistan bilateral relationship," he said. With this, Pakistan will be able to deal with present and future counter-terrorism threats while maintaining its F-16 fleet. The F-16 fleet will provide support to Pakistan in its counter-terrorism operation and we expect Pakistan to take continuous action against all terrorist groups.

Significantly, in 2018 the Trump administration suspended financial aid of about two billion dollars to terrorist organizations Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Network for failing to act.