7 workers of American organization died in the Israel attack, what did the US say?


There has been an Israeli attack on a squad of the American organization World Central Kitchen (WCK), which is working to provide food to the people in Gaza. The car of WCK workers was targeted by an Israeli air strike when they were returning from delivering food from Deir Al Balah. About 7 workers were killed in this attack, who were citizens of Australia, Poland, the UK, Palestine, America and Canada. After the death, people are sharing videos of workers cooking on social media. The organization says that they had already informed the Israeli Army about their movement. Still, the army targeted his car.

WCK official Erin Gore said, “This is not just an attack against WCK, it is an attack on humanitarian organizations who are working in the most dire conditions. “Food is being used as a weapon of war, it is shameful.” WCK has stopped its operations in Gaza after the death of its workers.

After the news of the attack, National Security Council spokesperson Darien Watson wrote on the social media platform X, “We are deeply saddened and deeply troubled by this attack.” Watson said, “Humanitarian aid workers must be protected as they provide desperately needed aid, and we urge Israel to immediately investigate what happened.”

World Central Kitchen has delivered more than 100 tons of food to Gaza. After the death of its workers, there is a lot of anger against Israel on social media. In the video posted on X, it can be seen that the car which was targeted had the WCK logo written on it. Apart from this, people have shared the photo of the group cooking food and the photo of their passports stained with blood after death.