61 days, 77 attacks, and 70 deaths… Shocking report of terrorist incident in Pakistan


A report by a Pakistani think tank came out in which it was told how many terrorist attacks took place in the country. It was also told in the report that how many people and security personnel have died in these attacks.

The security assessment report of an Islamabad think tank has claimed that a total of 56 terrorist attacks took place in Pakistan in March. In April, there were 77 attacks at different places in which 70 people lost their lives. Local media Dawn reported that according to the report of the Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS), the attack has caused huge damage in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 70 people including 35 civilians and 31 security personnel have died in these attacks.

According to the report, four terrorists were killed during the attacks and 32 civilians and 35 security personnel were injured in the attack. Apart from this, there were 56 terrorist attacks in March in which 77 deaths occurred and 67 people were injured.

9% percent reduction in mortality rate

Pakistan always remains a center of attention in the whole world regarding terrorism. There is an indication of a 38% increase in terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Although there was a 9% reduction in the death rate, there was no change in the number of injured.

The report also told how many efforts were made by the security forces to foil possible attacks in Pakistan throughout the month. At least 55 suspected terrorists were killed in the action of security forces during the attack. Meanwhile, 12 suspects have been arrested. These include those accused of the Basham suicide attack. Compared to March, cases of terrorists being killed have increased by 55%.

How many terrorist attacks took place in April?

The report further said that out of the total terrorist attacks in April, 73 percent of the attacks took place in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Last month, 56 attacks were reported in this area. According to the report, 26 security forces personnel and 17 civilians were killed in the attacks. The total number of injured was 32, of which 19 were security forces and 13 were civilians.

At the same time, there were four attacks in Peshawar and 1 attack each in Swat, Swabi, Charsadda, Shangla, and Battagram. According to PICSS, at least 25 attacks took place in the tribal districts of KPK in which 18 people lost their lives and 22 were injured.