5 runways, 400 boarding gates… The world's largest airport will be built in Dubai, what is the capacity of India's IGI?


Dubai to build World's Largest Airport: UAE Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on Sunday announced to build the world's largest airport in Dubai. It will be 5 times larger than the size of the current Dubai International Airport. The new airport will be built for Rs 3 lakh crore. Know how grand it will be and how much bigger it is than the Indian airport.

Dubai's new airport will look something like this.

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The world's largest airport will be built in Dubai. UAE ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced this on Sunday. This airport will be ready in the next 10 years. It has been claimed that it will be 5 times larger than the size of the current Dubai International Airport. The new airport will be built for Rs 3 lakh crore.

How grand Dubai's new airport will be can be gauged from the fact that it will handle 26 crore passengers annually. Know how different and grand it will be.

400 boarding gates and 5 runways

It will be known as Al Maktoum Airport. The airport will have 400 boarding gates and 5 runways. 5 passenger terminal buildings will be built for this airport to be built in 70 square kilometers. In the next 10 years, it will be completely ready and air services will be started. In terms of capacity also, it will be much better than other airports. There will be a capacity of 12 million tonnes of cargo annually.

The ruler of UAE has enumerated many of its merits in his tweet. According to the tweet, this airport will be part of the Dubai Aviation Corporation strategy. The best technology of our time will be used here for the convenience of the passengers. Here passengers will get many types of facilities which will be seen for the first time at any airport.

Cities living in southern Dubai

For this, a city is being established in the southern part of Dubai. This city and airport will provide logistics and air transport support to well-known companies in Dubai. This project will be very special from the future point of view. According to UAE ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, this airport will ensure the development of the next generations. It will be the only airport in the world that will have its port. It will have its urban hub and its global center. This will boost the economy as well as trade. This will prove to be a big changer in terms of tourism also.

How different from Indian airports?

The largest airports in the country include Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI), Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Chennai International Airport, and Karnataka's Kempegowda International Airport.

IGI is the largest airport in the country. This airport, with a capacity of 10 crore passengers annually, has 78 boarding gates. There are four runways. At the same time, Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport has 78 boarding gates, 2 runways, and 208 check-in counters.

IGI Delhi

Indira Gandhi International Airport


There are two runways at Chennai International Airport. There are 6 boarding gates for the international terminal and 9 boarding gates for the domestic terminal. There are 40 departure gates at Kempegowda International Airport in Karnataka. It also includes 10 e-gates. 42 aircraft can be parked here. Apart from this, there are eight air bridges. In which there is a double arm and 9 remotes for the bus. If we compare it with the boarding gates of India's top airports, it becomes clear how big Dubai's Al Maktoum Airport will be.