166 fighter jets sent in seven days… Why is China so upset about Taiwan?


The tension between China and Taiwan is not reducing. In the last few days, every possible effort has been made by China to provoke Taiwan. Taiwan is also not backing down. It is fully prepared to give a befitting reply to every action of China.

Chinese fighter jets (representative image)

The passing of Chinese fighter planes and ships around Taiwan is not a new thing. China has been doing such activities on a daily basis for some time now. When Chinese fighter jets enter Taiwanese airspace, Taiwan's Air Force chases them away with its F-16V. America also thinks that this is a routine incident, but there is a special strategy in this move of China.

While doing this, Chinese fighter jets and helicopters are coming closer to Taiwan's border than in the past. On 23-24 June, a Chinese helicopter was just 45 nautical miles away from Taiwan's Keelung city. That means it was capable of attacking Taiwan's capital Taipei in just 15 minutes. This has come to light from the information given by Taiwan's Defense Ministry regarding the intrusion of Chinese jets.

What is the pattern of intrusion by Chinese fighter jets?

In the last 24 hours, 19 out of 23 Chinese fighter jets entered Taiwan's airspace. 15 jets came on Sunday, but before that, on Saturday, there was a stir due to the sudden arrival of 41 Chinese fighter jets. Out of these, 32 entered Taiwan's airspace. When Taiwanese Air Force pilots chased the Chinese jets, all of them fled. On Friday too, 36 fighter jets from China were circling Taiwan. Overall, in the last one week, 166 Chinese fighter jets have circled the sky to threaten and pressurize Taiwan.

China is upset with Taiwan's new president

On May 20, Lai Ching-te was sworn in as the new President of Taiwan. President Lai has been vocal about maintaining Taiwan's independence. To build pressure, China conducted a military drill called Joint Sword-2024 A from May 23 in which the occupation of Taiwan was rehearsed.

After the military drill, China's attitude is becoming aggressive day by day and every day China is getting closer to the Taiwanese border. Taiwan's fighter pilots are flying about 200 hours a week so that they can prevent Chinese intrusion into their country's airspace.