13th-century painting in woman's kitchen, auctioned for 188 crores!

13th-century painting in woman's kitchen, auctioned for 188 crores!

Nothing can be said about when someone's luck will change. Something similar happened with an elderly woman living in France. A 13th-century painting was installed in the kitchen of the elderly woman, which she had placed over her stove. But this painting was later auctioned for € 24m i.e. around Rs 188 crore. No medieval painting had ever sold so much at auction before.

The woman living in Companion, the northern part of France, was not aware of this painting and it was hanging in her house since 1960. The woman thought that this was a rare picture of Russia. When the woman changed her house, the person who came to buy old goods and furniture, saw this painting and told the woman about it.

This punching was auctioned off at the Acton auction house outside Paris. Dominique Lecoent of Acton auction house said of this, 'This sale is a kind of world record for work done 1500 years ago. This is a unique painting, which is spectacular and memorable. This sale is beyond all our dreams. The woman will get most of the painting money soon.

This painting has been produced by Chimabue. For information, let us tell you that Chimabue is remembered as the father of the Renaissance period. It was Chimabue who taught Italian master Giotto. He had made only 11 paintings which were made on wood. He did not put his signature on this painting but it is being told that the woman who got the painting is Chimabue. The painting is 26 cm long and 20 cm wide.