World Richest City: This is the richest city in the world, the ranking of New York, Delhi and Mumbai will surprise you


The list of the world's richest countries has come out, in this list the name of not a single city of India is in the top ten, it is a big surprise. Apart from this, India may have been burying the flags of its name in many other works, but this time India has lagged behind in this matter. Although there are names of many cities in India, but it is outside the top ten. 

At the same time, New York has once again got the title of being the richest city in the world. America's dominance in this list can be gauged from the fact that 10 of the world's 50 richest cities are from America. By the way, let us tell you that Tokyo is named after New York in the top 10 cities of the world. It is followed by the Bay Area of ​​California, London, and Singapore.

Four US cities in the top 10 richest cities are New York, Los Angeles, California and Chicago. There are two cities in China, Beijing, and Shanghai. Only one city from Europe, London, has got a place in this list. Australia's Sydney is at number 10. At the same time, India's Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kolkata have also got a place in the list of rich cities.