Women's Reservation: Union Cabinet approves Women's Reservation Bill, Congress will support the bill


A special session of Parliament is going on and an important meeting of the Union Cabinet took place in the midst of this session. The Women's Reservation Bill has been approved in this meeting. After this approval, the Women's Reservation Bill will be introduced in the Lok Sabha. The Women's Reservation Bill proposes to reserve 33 percent seats for women in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies.

According to media reports, the bill also proposes sub-reservation for SC, ST and Anglo-Indians within the 33 percent quota. The Women's Reservation Bill, pending for almost 27 years, will now come on the table of Parliament. The last move on the issue was in 2010, when the Rajya Sabha passed the bill amid uproar and marshals escorting out some MPs.

Both BJP and Congress parties have always supported it. However, some other parties had opposed it regarding some demands of OBC reservation within women quota. At the same time, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has also said that Congress will support the bill without any conditions. 

pc- yashbharat.com