Will Narendra Modi be able to touch the figure of 400 in Lok Sabha elections, know what numerology says!



The upcoming Lok Sabha elections are coming soon, and the question arises: will Narendra Modi return as Prime Minister in 2024? Will he once again come to power as Prime Minister? Will Narendra Modi get a majority in 2024? Let's hear from a signature expert.

Analysis of Modi's signature:

According to a signature expert, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's signature is very impressive. It is very clean and neat. If someone is influenced by Saturn or if Saturn is favorable to someone then progress definitely happens. Luck favors such people.

In numerology, Saturn's number is considered to be 8. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's date of birth is 17 September, making his radix number 8. People with the number 8 often include circles or dots in their signature.

Saturn is one of the nine planets. If someone's radix number and destiny number are both 8, they include a circle or dot in their signature. Some features can be seen in the signature of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Saturn is very favorable for them.

So far, they have achieved significant progress in life, and the continued success they are getting is largely due to Saturn. Whatever progress and success Prime Minister Modi has achieved in his life is mainly due to the influence of Saturn.


The Prime Minister will turn 74 in 2024. This age range is very suitable for them. No one can stop him from moving forward in any way.

Looking at his signature it symbolizes long life. His signature is very clear, with no deductions. Whatever task he undertakes, he completes it. They may get 350-380 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Analyzing his signature it seems that BJP will form the government. Prime Minister Modi can break all previous records. The numerological value of the year 2024 is also 8, which is associated with Saturn. Prime Minister Modi's victory chariot shows no sign of slowing down.

He can form his government with the maximum possible majority. The work which has not been implemented yet will be completed in 2024.

He will continue to move forward by leading like a politician. He will fulfill the promises mentioned in his manifesto in 2024. Additionally, he will also achieve significant fame.