Why is the corona infection increasing so fast even after taking the vaccine? How to avoid the third wave - Know what experts say


After all, why are people who have taken two doses of the vaccine getting infected? What is the main reason for this? Is the corona vaccine not effective on Omicron? Why are people getting corona infected even after taking the vaccine?

 With the spread of the Omicron virus, questions have been raised on the vaccine whether the vaccine is not working on this virus? After all, why are people who have taken two doses of the vaccine getting infected? What is the main reason for this? Is the corona vaccine not effective on Omicron? Why are people getting corona infected even after taking the vaccine? Are people who have taken two doses of the vaccine safe from the coronavirus? What are the benefits of the vaccination process? Let us know what are the opinions of experts on all these questions. He considers the process of vaccination to be so useful.

1- PN Arora, MD of Yashoda Hospital, Ghaziabad, says that people who do not get the corona vaccine have ten times the risk of infection and 20 times more risk of death than those who have got the vaccine. He said that if a patient infected with Omicron has taken two doses of the vaccine, then the chances of him being admitted to the hospital are very less. He said that this belief is spreading among some people that even after taking the vaccine, people are falling ill, so what is the use of the vaccine. It is completely wrong to think so.

2- Dr. Arora says that it has been more than a year since the corona vaccine became available worldwide. He said that with the passage of time, the level of protection provided by the vaccine decreases. The protection provided by the vaccine varies. Its effect is different for each age group and in people with low immunity. He said that this is the reason why the Government of India has made the provision of a booster dose. The government has decided which people will need a booster dose initially.

3- Corona protocol will have to be followed strictly in India. Not only this, these rules should not be ignored even on festivals and festivals. He also warned about the upcoming festival and Holi in January. He said that to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the guidelines of the Government of India should be followed seriously. Failure to do so will lead to infection of Omicron very rapidly.

4- Dr. Arora says that the first round of vaccines that have come to protect against corona is aimed at reducing the serious dangers of the disease, limiting it, that is, lest there be an infection, even if there is a need to go to the hospital. come, or the infection becomes fatal. He said that in December last year, the Health Minister of the Government of India Mansukh Mandaviya had also said in Parliament that there is no evidence to prove that the current vaccine does not work on the Omicron variant.

5- Vaccine provides more protection in severe cases of coronavirus than in common symptoms, mild symptoms, or asymptomatic cases. It not only prevents infection but also reduces the severity of infection in children, pregnant women, senior citizens, or people suffering from some disease. This means that the main goal of vaccines is not to prevent infection, but to reduce the damage caused by corona infection in the body. He said that vaccines that prevent flu also work in the same way that they have been used for decades.

6- After infecting a person, it takes several days to know how a new variant affects him. So far we only know that Omicron is more contagious than Delta. This is a matter of great concern, as it may increase the pressure on hospitals. Apart from this, there is also another difficulty that due to being more infectious, this virus will be in the body of more people, then it will also be more likely to mutate, that is, more new variants can be born which can become a threat. The vaccine is very important to control it.

The number of Omicron patients is increasing rapidly in India

Significantly, there is a rapid increase in the cases of coronavirus across the world. The biggest reason for the current wave is being told to the Omicron variant of the virus. This variant was first found in South Africa. Due to this variant, a record number of cases of infection are being reported in countries like America, France, and Britain. In India too, the number of new cases is increasing rapidly. The special thing is that this situation is when efforts are on to vaccinate more and more people all over the world including India. A large population has already been vaccinated, but at present, there are cases where even people who have been vaccinated are getting the infection.