Why can't Priyanka Gandhi see the cruelty being meted out to her sisters and daughters every day in Rajasthan: Rajendra Rathore


Deputy leader Rajendra Rathod has targeted Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi for the gang rape of a deaf and deaf minor girl in Alwar and the incident of suicide by a gang rape victim minor in Bharatpur by consuming poison. BJP leader Rajendra Rathod tweeted in this regard that Congress leader Smt. Priyanka Gandhi, who came on a family visit to celebrate her birthday in Ranthambore, Rajasthan, will meet the deaf and mute minor victim of Jungle Raj in Alwar and bring her justice. Like every time, will we keep silent in this matter too?

Why does Priyanka Gandhi, who pretends to be sensitive by giving the slogan of 'Ladki Hoon Ladge Sakti Hoon' in Uttar Pradesh, doesn't see the cruelty being done to sisters and daughters in Rajasthan every day? The Congress government has become deaf and dumb, which has nothing to do with the security of sisters and daughters. Women and daughters are not safe in the state! The gang-rape of a deaf and deaf minor girl in Alwar and the incident of a minor committing suicide by consuming poison in Bharatpur is shameful. Is this the security arrangement of the Congress government, which talks big about security?

Due to the negligent attitude of the Congress government and the police administration, cases of rape, kidnapping, murder, and gang-rape of women and daughters are increasing today. By improving the Iqbal of the dying police, the government should take strict steps to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.