Weather update: Western Disturbance active, rain with thunderstorms in many districts of Rajasthan


The weather has changed in many states across the country and due to this heat wave is also going on in many places along with heat. But along with that western disturbance has also become active in many states. Due to this, the effect of rain and storm is being seen in many states.

The effect of Western Disturbance is also being seen in Rajasthan, rains and thunderstorms are continuing in many districts of Rajasthan for the last two days. Late night, the Sanganer area of ​​Jaipur also witnessed rain accompanied by strong winds. Due to rain and thunderstorm, there has been a drop in temperature.

At the same time, in many areas of Rajasthan, the temperature is beyond 40 degrees at this time, but due to the storm and rain, people are relieved from the heat wave. People are relieved to avoid heat stroke in this summer season. According to the Meteorological Department, the weather can remain like this for a day or two.