Weather update: This alert has been issued for all the districts of the state, today the weather will be like this


Due to the change in the weather in Rajasthan, people are feeling cold even in the month of April. Because of this, the people of the state are facing cold and dusty air instead of a heatwave. For this reason, rain has been seen in many districts of the state on Friday. Whereas in the desert area of ​​Barmer, people had to face hailstorms along with stormy rain for 10 minutes. 

This change in weather has come due to the formation of a cyclonic circulation over the western part of Rajasthan (above Jaisalmer-Bikaner) on the Pakistan border. 

According to meteorologists, due to this, there may be thunderstorms in the entire state today. 


A yellow alert has been issued by the Meteorological Department for all the districts of Rajasthan for today. During this, there may be thunderstorms and hailstorms along with strong thunderstorms. At the same time, lightning is also expected to shine in some places of the state.