Weather update: The Meteorological Department issued a warning to avoid heat waves for the coming 48 hours, the temperature will cross 45 degrees


Summer is in full swing across the country. Everyone hears about strong sunlight, heat wave and summer. The situation is such that people are finding it difficult to leave their homes and the reason for this is the scorching heat. On the one hand, difficulties are increasing in the country due to the cyclonic storm Moka.

The cyclonic storm became more powerful in the Bay of Bengal. Its effect will also be visible on Rajasthan. Under the influence of the storm, the western wind system has changed and due to which there is intense heat. 

According to the Meteorological Department, due to the effect of the cyclone, there is a possibility of heat wave in Jodhpur and Bikaner divisions. For the first time in this summer season, the Meteorological Department has also issued a heatwave warning in Rajasthan. The Meteorological Department has issued a warning to people to avoid heat wave for the next 48 hours. During this time the temperature is forecast to cross 45 degrees.