Weather update: Suryadev showing wrath in desert areas, warning of a thunderstorm in Rajasthan


The summer season and the hot air along with the sun from above is making it difficult for people to live. The situation is that in the desert areas, the Sun God is at his full fury, whereas in the hilly areas, people are still relieved from the heat. Talking about Rajasthan and Delhi, the mercury has crossed 40 degrees at many places.

On the other hand, the weather in Punjab-Haryana has become harsher. People are facing problems due to the continuous rise in temperature here. The temperature has reached 40 degrees Celsius. However, it is a matter of relief for Haryana and Punjab that a western disturbance has been active since April 15. Due to this, it may rain in many areas of Punjab and Haryana on 16 and 17 April.

At the same time, in Rajasthan too, the Meteorological Department has issued a warning of thunderstorms in many places. From April 15, the weather is expected to change once again. There may be rain with a thunderstorm in parts of northwest Rajasthan. According to the Meteorological Department, a new system is likely to become active.