Weather update: Pink winter knocks in Rajasthan, it may rain in some districts after two days


With the departure of monsoon, the rainy season has ended in Rajasthan. Now people have started feeling the cold. Well, winter starts in the month of October. Even though it starts a little late in the cities, winter has already arrived in the rural areas. Due to low temperature at night, one starts feeling cold. 

However, people are still feeling the heat in the afternoon. According to the Meteorological Department, the weather will remain dry in the coming days. There is a possibility of a slight drop in temperature. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of rain for two days in the second week of October. However, the weather in Rajasthan will generally be dry. But there is a possibility of light rain in some districts on October 12 and October 13. 

However, due to this rain, there will be an increase in cold and people will also get relief from the heat of the day. Now as the month of October ends, the cold will increase further. 

pc- bhaskar