Weather Update: New western disturbance will be active, heavy rain alert in these districts of Rajasthan


This time the whole month of March was spent in rains and people did not feel the heat. In such a situation, a Western Disturbance has ended after becoming active in April as well and after two days of heat, now once again another Western Disturbance is going to be active in Rajasthan. 

According to the Meteorological Department, the rainy season will start once again. New Western Disturbance is becoming active on 8th and 9th April. Due to which it will rain once again. This time there is an alert of heavy rain in many districts of eastern Rajasthan.

Talking about the same heat, in many districts of Rajasthan, the temperature has been recorded more than 35 degrees yesterday. In such a situation, there will be a continuous increase in temperature and its effect will be seen in the coming times. It will be difficult for people to leave due to rising sun and heat.