Weather Update: New Western Disturbance will be active again from today, it will rain in many states for two days


This time, people are getting to see rains even in the summer season across the country. The effect of Western Disturbance is continuously visible and along with it the weather is also changing continuously. Till two days back, where rain and thunderstorms were seen in many states, now the weather is going to change again from today.

According to the Meteorological Department, from today another new Western Disturbance is reaching the Himalayan region, due to which there will be a continuation of rain and thunderstorms for the next few days. According to the information, due to this western disturbance, rain and hailstorm may occur in many areas from April 3 to April 5.

Let us tell you that the effect of this disturbance will be seen in many places. Areas of Delhi NCR will be cloudy on April 3 and it may rain. On the other hand, light to moderate rains may occur in different areas of Northwest India, Rajasthan, Punjab and West Uttar Pradesh on April 3-4.