Weather update: Late night rain with strong thunderstorms in Rajasthan, new western disturbance will be active from May 28


At present, the effect of Western Disturbance is being seen in Rajasthan and due to that, there is a continuous period of thunderstorms. In many districts including Jaipur late at night, there was a storm with a speed of 75 km per hour and along with it rain. In such a situation, there is also an estimate of a lot of loss.

According to the information, after eight o'clock in the evening, the weather suddenly changed and clouds started thundering with thunder in the sky after a while it started raining with strong winds. In no time, this strong wind turned into a hurricane and caused trees to be uprooted on roads, electric poles to toppled and tinsheds blown off many houses. 

Along with this, the Meteorological Department has again informed us about a new Western Disturbance being active from May 28. After which the rainy season will start once again. In such a situation, people will continue to get relief from the heat. The temperature has also dropped due to late-night rains.