Weather Update: Heat wave in many states, temperature crossed 43 degrees


You never know when there will be a sudden change in the weather. The same thing is happening now. It is hot throughout the day and in the evening there are storms and rains. A similar situation has prevailed in many states of the country and at the same time the heat is such that it forces people to suffer. 

In many districts of the states, the temperature has crossed 44 degrees. The situation is that you cannot stand in the sun for 5 minutes. In such a situation, within a few days, even heat stroke will start troubling you. On the other hand, the situation in West Bengal is such that due to the heatwave, holidays have been declared in schools and colleges.

According to the Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature in the national capital Delhi and Uttar Pradesh is being recorded beyond 40 degrees. In the southern states, the mercury remains around 42-43 degrees. At the same time, it is also known that from April 18 and 19, the weather will change once again and there will be a period of thunderstorms.