Weather update: Heat wave continues in many states of the country, weather changed in Rajasthan, thunderstorm and rain alert


Changes in the weather have happened once again, due to the activation of a new Western Disturbance, strong thunderstorms are being seen in many states including Rajasthan. The whole sky is covered with mud. At the same time, rain alert has also been issued in many places today. Let us tell you that its effect will last for two days. By the way, there will not be any significant change in the weather.

The heat will continue to fall as it is. In many states of the country, the temperature has crossed 44 degrees. The situation is such that the effect of heat wave can also be seen for the next three to four days. In Rajasthan's Jaisalmer, rain and hail fell on Tuesday afternoon and a sandstorm occurred at 6.30 pm. 

Here, the Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert for rain and strong wind in more than 15 districts of Rajasthan on Wednesday. Due to this rain and thunderstorm, people can get some relief from the heat.