Weather update: Effect of the western disturbance, the weather changed in many states including Rajasthan, with rain accompanied by strong winds


The weather is changing across the country and along with it, it is cold due to incessant rains and strong winds. About five to six Western Disturbances have been active in many states of the country in the last two to three weeks, after which there are continuous rains and thunderstorms. Along with this hail is also falling.

Due to these rains and hailstorms, the crops of the farmers have been destroyed. At the same time, the effect of the western disturbance which became active from Thursday was seen day and night. In Rajasthan, rain and hail have put farmers in trouble. The weather suddenly changed in Jaipur and surrounding areas on Thursday evening. It rained with strong wind during the day as well and after that, the weather changed at night and it rained once again.

At the same time, in Lunkaransar town of Bikaner, crops have been damaged due to rain. Along with this, it has rained in Kumbhalgarh, Mount Abu, Jaisalmer, and Chittorgarh. On the other hand, if the Meteorological Department is to be believed, the rainy season will continue in many states of the country even today.