Weather Update: Effect of pink winter in Rajasthan, winter will increase with the fall in temperature.


Winter has started showing its effects in Rajasthan. Even though the sun is bright during the day, the cold in the morning and evening has forced people to wear warm clothes. The effects of winter have started becoming visible in many cities including Delhi-NCR. Now the minimum temperature is going down. People coming out of the house, especially in the morning and at night, have started feeling slight cold. 

The weather in Rajasthan is still dry but along with mild cold at night and early morning, fog and mist have also started appearing at some places. There may be a change in the weather till the first week of November.

According to Jaipur Meteorological Department, the weather will remain dry in the state. According to the Meteorological Department, the effect of cold may definitely increase in the coming times. The weather remains normal in the capital Jaipur. Apart from this, mercury is falling in other districts of the state.