Weather: This city suddenly started feeling cold, the mercury dropped by 10 degrees!


Pune Weather Update: Maharashtra's Pune city was once considered as a city with 'pleasant weather'. But for the past few years, Pune has been burning like a furnace. Why is this city getting hotter rapidly? The reason for this is also believed to be climate change and global warming. However, according to environmental experts, there are also local reasons behind the increase in temperature in the city. In the past few days, when the temperature in Pune crossed 41 degrees, people started crying for help. Meanwhile, suddenly in a few hours, the temperature of the city decreased from 41 degrees to 30 degrees, then some people started calling it a blessing of the Sun God. However, the reason for this change in weather has been told by meteorologists.


How did the 'cold' return to the weather in Pune?

In the last 48 hours, the mercury has taken a huge dive in Pune. Now the question arises how long will this relief last? Such questions have been answered by former head of the Meteorological Department (IMD) Anupam Kashyap. Kashyap said that the sudden drop in Pune's temperature was mostly due to the flow of moisture from the Arabian Sea. This was the result of Cyclone Remal, which caused some deaths in West Bengal and caused damage to the state.

He also said, 'Although the cyclone made landfall on Monday, its impact on Maharashtra was minimal, but this major drop in the temperature of the city can be attributed to it.

There is partial relief, then the city will heat up again.

Kashyap said, 'This relief from the heat due to the establishment of the western wind pattern due to cyclone Remal will not last long. Soon the weather will take a U-turn again and with the mercury rising, the city dwellers will have to face difficulties like before. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of a sharp increase in the day temperature in west-central India. Along with this, the temperature will increase rapidly in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and southern Madhya Pradesh.

In such a situation, many people are wondering whether cyclonic storm Remal can affect the arrival of the southwest monsoon. Actually, the Meteorological Department had predicted that the monsoon would reach Kerala on May 31. Which usually reaches Maharashtra in the first week of June. In such a situation, meteorologists say that due to the decrease in moisture over the Bay of Bengal, the onset of monsoon may be delayed by a day or two in northeastern states like Assam, Meghalaya, and Mizoram.

'The Urban Heat Island Effect'

Be it Pune or any other city of the country, according to environmental experts, if the local reasons for the changing weather of a city are not stopped by working on a war footing in time, then the situation can become even more terrible. This excessive heat is called the Urban Heat Island Effect. Now if we talk about some local reasons that increase the excessive heat in cities, then the first reason for this is the continuous construction work going on in the cities, i.e. the increase in skyscrapers and the indiscriminate exploitation of groundwater.

Due to these reasons, there is a shortage of water and greenery in big cities. At the same time, there has been a historic increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, the smoke of which is also affecting the environment, and due to these reasons too, the weather is becoming dishonest.

The temperature will be the same in the mountains and plains

Heat waves have started in the hilly states of the country. This is not a good sign. Meteorologists also say that pollution is increasing due to the increasing crowds in the hill stations of the country and this is also disturbing the balance of nature. If this situation continues, the day is not far when the weather and temperature will be the same in the mountains and plains.