Vasundhara Raje taunts Sachin Pilot without naming him! This political message was given through the story


Former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot had recently observed a fast alleging corruption in the then Vasundhara Raje government. He took this step when the Gehlot government did not take action in this matter.

Now Vasundhara Raje has tweeted on social media without naming anyone. These tweets of his are being linked to Sachin Pilot. Vasundhara Raje tweeted that stands like a rock in difficult circumstances. Many may be strangers. Have faith in God and the ability to fight in yourself, then no one can harm you. No one can harm the one protected by god. The one who is the enemy of the world cannot bend his hair.

While sharing a story in a tweet, he wrote that we are not worried about him, he is worried about us. Sudarshan Chakradhari is the keeper of our boat. I want to share a story with you. In a village lived a true devotee of God and an unrighteous one. Both had a fight but both used to go to the temple. One day the unrighteous said in the ear of the priest that the ornaments which were stolen from the temple in the past were stolen by that other person (devotee).

The priest agreed and on the next day, he did not allow that person to enter the temple thinking that he was a thief. But he used to come every day and used to walk on the steps of God by pretending. One day he was going home by pretending to be on the steps of God when suddenly he was hit by a car. After coming home, he sat in front of God's picture and said, so many troubles on those who follow the path of God's religion? God said the day you hit the car, that was your last day. But because of your devotion, your death turned into a minor injury.

Due to my devotion, you will get a very high position one day. God also told him about that unrighteous person who had Raja Yoga in his destiny, but he hurt my devotee by making false accusations. He also stole my jewelry, so even though he is in luck, he will never get Raja Yoga. No matter how many false allegations he resorts to. No matter how many conspiracies you make, success will be yours in the end.