Utility News: You have limited days left to complete these two tasks!


The month of September has started and today four days have also ended, so you have some work to do in this month which needs to be done. With the end of this month, your work will also get stuck. In such a situation, let us tell you today what work you have to complete. 

Change 2000 rupee notes

If you still have 2000 rupee notes left, then you should change them immediately. September 30 is its last date and after that these notes will not be exchanged. According to RBI, in the month of September, out of 30 banks will remain closed for a total of 16 days. In such a situation, you should do this work soon. 

Aadhaar Update

Along with this, you should also complete the work of getting Aadhaar updated for free. UIDAI has been asked to update it free of cost by September 14. After that you will have to pay a charge for any update. 

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