Utility News: You can also start this business with less money, after some time you can earn income in lakhs.


If you want to start a business then this news is especially for you. Many people in the country are not able to start their business due to less money and lack of information. In such a situation, most of the people are inclined towards job. In such a situation, if you also want to start a business, then we are telling you about it. 

You can do bamboo farming to start a new business. The special thing is that the government is also giving you subsidy on bamboo farming. You can earn handsome income from this business. To cultivate it, you have to plant 1500 bamboo plants on one hectare of land. It takes about 4 years for the bamboo plant to become mature. According to estimates, in 4 years you can earn lakhs of rupees from bamboo planted on one hectare of land. 

Let us tell you that under the National Bamboo Mission, the government is also providing subsidy to the farmers for bamboo cultivation. In such a situation, after the bamboo is ready today, it can be sold together in the market. 

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